The NetPass legacy

The NetPass legacy consists of a suite of applications that enhance every aspect of accessing your enterprise information. NetPass CliNetServer has been designed to provide unique solutions for multiple platform environments, using the client server concept. NetPass CliNetServer combines the intuitive user interface of the PC with multiuser server capabilities for transaction processing previously handled by NetPass’s session management services on the mainframe.

NetPass  is an application for the OS/390 & z/OS IBM systems (a restricted version is also available  for VM/390 & z/VM) that handles sessions between 3270 family terminals and VTAM applications such as TSO , CICS, VM Console Support, or  any user VTAM application.

A user at a 3270 like terminal uses VTAM logon to connect NetPass and establishes a LU-LU session with NetPass.  From NetPass screen the user requests to connect to any VTAM application available in this VTAM domain (or any domain accessible via cross domain session). NetPass establishes LU-LU session with that application and transfers the 3270 data stream back and forth.

The user can (via a hot key or escape character sequence) to switch back to NetPass entry panel and initiate a session with another application, while maintaining the previous session alive. Up to 10 sessions can be active, and the user can switch freely between them. The applications not currently visible continue to work as usual. NetPass can be configured to process any received 3270 data stream from such an application (as a 3270 emulator  does) so when the application is switched to foreground its most updated panel is displayed.

When starting a session with an application NetPass can run a script to provide credentials, and start a specific action. E.g. for CICS NetPass  could provide a user logon and  password (the ones the user  provided when connected NetPass and verified by NetPass against RACF) and start a CICS transaction. NetPass can run also a scenario to orderly close a session with an application.

NetPass panel can be customized to provide one key access to commonly used applications, restrict access to other applications, visual aspects, etc., based on profiles, the profile can be selected by LU name pattern matching and/or user logon pattern matching. Users logons and passwords can be checked against a NetPass profile file or RACF.

NetPass also supports 3270 family printers. It can establish LU-LU printer sessions with an application, capture the data and store it in memory or spool file, and then print it on a physical 3270 printer, IP printer  or JES printer.

Other Features:

  • Response time monitor, as it can time the 3270 data stream of the applications
  • Data monitor, as it can link to customer code to inspect or modify the data stream, either NetPass <-> 3270 terminal or NetPass <-> application
  • Single logon facility

Proven Solutions

The NetPass solution have been serving multinational corporations worldwide, including Sony, Phillips, General Electric, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, General Motors, Prudential, Chemical Bank, BP Oil, and SAP for over a decade. There is a reason why the world’s leading businesses choose NetPass. Our software enables you to get to your legacy data faster, more efficiently, and more conveniently than anything else on the market.

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