Deeper into the CloudIUS Platform

CloudIUS is a secure cloud file sync and share solution equipped with advanced backup, sync, scheduling, sharing and collaboration features. CloudIUS is an easy to deploy software, with a rapid integration with CRM and billing systems, as well as custom branding and a user friendly VAS.

CloudIUS's major building blocks are:

  • CloudIUS Net - lets you utilize a web interface to access, manage data and share your information anywhere
  • CloudIUS Mobile - enables your customers to perform sync and backup with smartphones and tablets, as well as access your stored files, stream video files directly from the cloud and share files with social networks
  • CloudIUS Synchronizer - enables your customers to perform scheduled backups, sync data to the cloud and restore deleted files
  • CloudIUS Backup - allows your clients to perform a routinely backup using client application as well as store and share data on the cloud

CloudIUS Smart-Server

The core of the CloudIUS solution is the CloudIUS Smart-Server storage handler which stores and manages the files in the cloud, providing two-way data transfer between the cloud and client computers or mobile devices. The CloudIUS Smart-Server does not have a user interface but exposes WebDAV class 2 functionality that provides the following capabilities:

  • Share folders between users
  • Quota management per user or a group of users
  • File encryption
  • File versioning, including automatic delete of old versions via user specified criteria
  • File lock and file update control
  • Access to folders as mapped drives from windows platforms
  • Support for MS-office file sharing and locking
  • Allow access to published public files using published URL via any internet browser

CloudIUS Mobile Applications

The CloudIUS mobile Android and IOS applications provide the following capabilities:

  • File upload and download
  • Backup and restore of contacts and calendar
  • File management operations like copy, move, delete and rename
  • View the folders handled by Smartserver
  • Define properties for files and folders: sharing, encryption and versioning
  • Send files as email attachment to any recipient
  • Export files to any destination that has its application installed on the device
  • Play media files directly via the CloudIUS streaming server


The mobile devices supported are Android version 4.0 and up, and IOS version 8 and up.

CloudIUS NET Server

CloudIUS NET server is a web application that can be accessed via any common internet browser and provides the following capabilities:

  • View all folders handled by the CloudIUS Smart-Server
  • File upload and download via the web
  • Execute file management operations like copy, move, delete and rename
  • Define properties for files and folders like sharing, encryption, security, versioning
  • Send files as email attachment to any recipient
  • Upload files to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc
  • Publish files and folders, send and share their URL via email to any recipient
  • Play and view files, as long the client computer has the software required to handle this file types

CloudIUS Synchronizer

The CloudIUS Synchronizer is a windows desktop application that provides access to the CloudIUS Smart-Server storage.

The Synchronizer main window contains two panes, each can display folders from the local computer (including drives mapped to local file servers), or from the storage handled by Smart-Server. The user can save several connections to Smart-Server and switch between them, usually one with his own Smart-Server user ID, and optionally ID’s of shares to other users who granted access to their folders.

The CloudIUS Synchronizer component runs on the following platforms:

  • Workstation:  Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
  • Server: Windows 2008 R2, 2012, 2016


The CloudIUS Synchronizer provides the following features:

  • Manually copy or move files and folders between the two panes
  • Display and modify the properties of folders and files
  • Display and modify the special properties provided by the Smart-Server: Encryption, versioning, file locking (for applications that do not have native support for WebDAV file locking)
  • Email notification of changed files in shared directories
  • Progress status of tasks running by the scheduler


Drive mapping feature is partially supported on workstations running windows 7 or 8 and fully supported on Windows 10. At the server side – drive mapping requires enabling WebClient service during installation.

Scheduled Tasks:

In addition to manual file transfers, each user can define backup, restore and sync tasks. Tasks can include move or copy operations between any views that can be displayed on the two panes.

The tasks run by the CloudIUS Synchronizer scheduler service at pre-defined time intervals by the user for each task, and run independently of the view that is displayed, even if the windows user is not logged in.


The scheduled tasks provide the following additional features:

  • Two-way synchronization between the source and destination views
  • Skipping files that are already up to date at the target
  • Email notifications about tasks success or failure status



The CloudIUS Backup Desktop Application

The CloudIUS Backup desktop application interacts with the same task scheduler as the CloudIUS Synchronizer, but provides a very basic user interface for users that do not need the advanced full feature set of the CloudIUS Synchronizer.

Many features of the scheduled tasks are not available via the CloudIUS Backup user interface, but are pre-defined in a file set by the IT administrator.

API Integration

CloudIUS Smart-Server setup installs advanced system management capabilities for your IT personnel, including centralized configuration, management, and strategic objectives of all of the aspects needed to help manage your system’s related online storage. This includes API integration and CloudIUS web admin console:

CloudIUS powerful and robust API Integration provides a smooth and trouble free interface for your billing and CRM systems, allowing your system users to operate flawlessly. The fully integrated API connection to your billing and CRM systems allows you to accomplish your strategic objectives by performing both simple and complex tasks such as:

  • Adding and editing users in the system, and assigning them usage plans
  • Generating and supporting billing payments
  • Fetching detailed data about user resource consumption, so that users can be billed either a fixed price or per usage
  • Segmenting and separation of user groups such as grouping users based on system or software expiration periods
  • Account suspension options enabling you to eliminate unauthorized access to your customers’ data

CloudIUS Web Admin Console Includes:

  • Server Integration
  • Usage plan configurations
  • Operator-controlled user and account management

CloudIUS Web Admin Console enables the server operator to create authorized login IDs that can manage a predefined group of accounts or usage plans – for example, when resellers need to manage their clients.

CloudIUS Family Product is Accomplished by Two Server Side Products:

  • CloudIUS streaming server that can stream any media file handled by the SmartServer to an Android or IOS device, transcoding the stream to HLS format.
  • CloudIUS connector that executes the task of connection to social networks. It acts as an additional layer of isolation between CloudIUS core and the external world, increasing reliability and security.

Watch this 2 minute video clip about CloudIUS