About BIS Solutions

BIS Solutions is the leading provider of a powerful cloud file sync and share software solution for internet or cloud service providers and enterprise environments. BIS’s innovative “take the PC with you” solution provides its users with secure backup, restore, sync, share, versioning and advanced media streaming direct from the cloud.

BIS’s CloudIUS cloud-based file sync and share solution generates improved customer stickiness and VAS revenues with a quick return on investment. The easy-to-deploy solution is highly scalable and designed to be customized according to the service provider’s brand and requirements.

The CloudIUS solution is an easy-to-deploy software with a rapid integration into CRM and billing systems, as well as custom branding and a user-friendly VAS that requires minimal sales effort and service. BIS Solutions is committed to providing its customers with the best, state of the art file sync and share, online backup and sharing technology over the cloud.

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Company Profile

Founded in 1987 by the late Mr. Moti Miron, BIS Solutions developed the NetPass solution, an innovative mainframe applications suite that enhances every aspect of accessing enterprise information. Read more about the NetPass solution here.

BIS’s strong software development track record has enabled the company to support hundreds of satisfied corporate customers around the world, including Sony, Philips, General Electric, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, General Motors, Prudential, Chemical Bank, BP Oil, SAP, and the British Army.

Mrs. Esther Skornick, BIS’s deputy CEO, has excelled at creating strategies and building teams that increase the company’s corporate value, expand market share, and strengthen customer loyalty and brand awareness.

Mrs. Skornick is an accomplished business leader with extensive IT and telecom experience and consistently drives enterprise-wide strategic initiatives to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Mr. Dani Glazman, CTO at BIS, brings many years of experience in successful program and project management, software development and technical support. Mr. Glazman manages software projects and integrated embedded systems. He has vast network management experience and a deep understanding of programming, process management, cloud computing and applications integration.

In October 2011, BIS Solutions won first prize at the Cisco Systems/AT&T global competition for CIUS B2B devices. In 2014, the company won a place on the Red Herring Europe’s Top 100 list of cutting edge companies and technologies.

Our Vision

BIS’s company vision is to continue offering world-class, industry leading, secure software cloud storage solutions to service providers and enterprises.

As users today rely more than ever on telecom operators for accessing services and OTT content, our commitment is to enable these service providers to offer their own OTT cloud-like services in a more advanced and secure way.

In doing so, we can help create revenue-earning opportunities that enable our clients to profit from these services while providing enhanced capabilities to their customers.

Our Partners

BIS Solutions’ strategic partners and distributors include Data Shepherd (UK), OCSBOX.COM (India), and Amazon AWS.

BIS Solutions has also recently partnered with IBM/SoftLayer. The CloudIUS solution has been uploaded to SoftLayer’s existing cloud infrastructure as a full-service storage solution and is used for the benefit of both IBM/SoftLayer and BIS customers.

BIS Solutions recently signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Enuve Brazil. This agreement will help BIS expand its business and marketing opportunities for new customers and enterprises throughout Brazil.