The Challenge

Enuve, a Brazilian company involved in planning and customizing the implementation of cloud solutions, was looking to bring a unique and comprehensive cloud service solution offering to the growing Brazilian corporate market, and help become a leader in the business cloud sector as part of their operations in Brazil.

The B.I.S. CloudIUS solution and implementation

 After a long search and extended pilot program, Enuve selected B.I.S Advanced Software Systems Ltd.’s QBU-CloudIUS system to provide them with a complete cloud software solution.

Enuve can now offer their customers advanced and highly innovative business cloud data sync file & share, and a cross-platform ‘take your PC with you’ concept (PC, web, and mobile); as well as enhanced encryption, compression, versioning, streaming to and from the cloud, and user-friendly automatic bac kup/synchronization scheduling.

The new agreement forecasts estimated first-year sales of 4,000-5,000 corporate customers to work with Enuve, which can reflect approximately 150,000 users. This gives Enuve the opportunity to market, customize, and implement CloudIUS’ products throughout Brazil, and opens up the possibility of a wide range of business activities and cooperation in the future.

The Challenge

NetVision Cellcom 013 (NetVision) is a large ISP/MSP in Israel, with a sizeable user base. They had been looking for some time to offer their customers a cloud storage solution with backup and synchronized services capabilities. BIS Advanced Software Systems Ltd. was chosen to resolve NetVision’s specific needs and help them meet those requirements..

The B.I.S. Solution

NetVision selected our QBU-CloudIUS Backup product to back up their users’ PCs to the NetVision cloud, and browse their stored files and manage them as needed. B.I.S. even rebranded and customized NetVision’s specific application and customer interface as “BackUUp”, with NetVision-specific logos, icons, etc. – according to NetVision’s requirements and needs.

Today, after two years of successfully using our solution, our products are onsite at NetVision, and support more than 60,000 NetVision Cellcom 013 users.

B.I.S. additionally created a mobile application for NetVision’s user base, providing their customers with online access to centralized data, advanced sharing from any device, and advanced storage features via the NetVision cloud.