NEW: Drive mapping and file lock

The upcoming release of CloudIUS, scheduled at 30/11/2016, fully supports WEBDAV drive

mapping and file lock. Applications are able to seamlessly access files residing on CloudIUS

SmartServer storage server as if they do reside on local disk or Windows file server share.

CloudIUS SmartServer Fully supports the Lock/Unlock protocol of WEBDAV class 2 server, that

is used by MS-Office and many other applications to synchronize access to shared files. Also,

the client side application – The CloudIUS Synchronizer – can be used to write protect and lock

files for use by applications that do not have native file locking support. The two locking

mechanisms are fully intergraded.

System requirements (Beyond requirements for previous releases of CloudIUS) :

File Locking via Synchronizer only: None.

Drive mapping and file locking:

  •  HTTPS connection.
  •  Windows/7 or higher, or Windows Server 2008 or higher (Server requires enabling of WebClient mini redirector during windows install).
  • – MS Office 2010 or higher.