Increase Your Profit Margin – With QBU CloudIUS

At BIS, our innovative QBU CloudIUS cloud computing solution helps you generate customer stickiness and increased retention and innovation levels. How? Because instead of OTT service providers making a profit using your infrastructure, with CloudIUS you can offer your customers your own secure cloud-based solution, while you gain your own profit.

BIS offers an attractive and creative CloudIUS business model,  with a ‘win-win’ situation. Our apps’ annual fee and ‘pay-as-you-grow’ model offers reduced rates as the number of client users/subscribers increases. What this means for you is a guaranteed increased profit margin for your monthly/capacity end-user business model, and an attractive pricing model that enables you to compete and gain traction with larger cloud market competitors. Our research has shown that with our pricing model, you can see significant profit gains per user…leading to a potentially HUGE revenue increase for you as your user subscriber numbers increase.

Our business model is flexible, and we deliver growth potential server-side solutions with an annual fixed fee, and 2nd and 3rd level product support included. On the application side, our model is license fee annually, with all-included applications.

At BIS, we plant our flag with these types of revenue-sharing, profit-flowing opportunities with our partners! Read more about our business model in our FAQs section.

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