B.I.S. Enters Greek Cloud Market with Synapsecom

BIS is pleased to announce a new partnership with Synapsecom, a leading cloud infrastructure company in Greece focused on deploying modern cloud infrastructure on leading-edge enterprise grade equipment throughout its data centers.

Synapsecom is a modern and innovative company active in the telecommunications, data center and information technology sectors, with shareholders from Israel, Cyprus and Greece. The company, since its establishment in 2007, produces innovative ideas with dedication to adjusting and providing flexible and scalable cloud-based solutions.


The new agreement will lead to significant new activities for BIS, and the opportunity for Synapsecom to be a leader in the business cloud sector. With this new agreement, the companies will offer innovative cloud capabilities to the developing Greek market and throughout Europe. In addition to its own facilities, Synapsecom holds points of presence (POPs) in the major commercial centers of the Balkans and Europe. All POPs are interconnected with a fiber backbone network, fully protected via multiple physical paths. This enables them to be a preferred partner for telecommunications, colocation, and implementing comprehensive disaster recovery plans.

The new agreement forecasts estimated first-year sales of 3,000-3,500 corporate customers that can reflect approximately 120,000 users.

With the BIS CloudIUS solution, Synapsecom will be able to offer their corporate customers a comprehensive solution that includes, among other things:

– Advanced business cloud data sync file & share.

– Enhanced encryption, compression, versioning, and streaming to and from the cloud.

– A user-friendly automatic backup/synchronization schedule.

Greece does not currently have a complete cloud services solution with the capabilities that Synapsecom/CloudIUS together can offer. The BIS products and solutions being offered with this agreement are unique and comprehensive, and will significantly enhance Synapsecom’s ability to penetrate the Greek market and beyond. This gives Synapsecom a major differentiating factor that will set them apart when presenting to the business cloud sector.

The new agreement not only gives Synapsecom the opportunity to market, customize, and implement CloudIUS’ products; it can open up new horizons for the two companies, for a wide range of business activities and cooperation together in the future.